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Customs clearance

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Check shipping regulations

You need to check shipping regulations in every country you ship to in order to make sure that your goods are within legal compliance. This ensures that your goods comply with the country’s laws and regulations and arrive safely at their destination. Knowing the applicable regulations can avoid legal and financial penalties and delays.

Prepare documentation

You need to prepare documentation for customs clearance so that you have all the necessary paperwork to present to customs authorities when importing or exporting goods or services, so that you can legally prove both the origin and destination of the goods or services. Having the proper paperwork will give you peace of mind that you are acting in accordance with the law.

Duties & taxes

You need to pay duties and taxes for custom clearance so that the country you are importing or exporting goods to/from receives the correct payment for those goods in accordance with all laws and regulations. This helps the country’s economy remain healthy and allows trade to take place without disruption.